Expression of Interest

For Consultant: Capsicum Value Chain Analysis in Diamer District of GB 

­­BACKGROUND: Diamer Poverty Alleviation Programme (DPAP) has launched Diamer Youth Development Programme (DYDP) under the Enhancing Employability and Leadership for Youth (EELY) component funded by CIDA.

The objective of EELY is to work for promotion of employability through market development and increase the engagement of youth as productive and full members of Gilgit-Baltistan society. Under this project capsicum Value Chain has been selected for development as it is considered to be one of the most important cash crop of Diamer district providing employment and income opportunity to local population.

According to Department of Agriculture’s Statistics, the total production of Capsicum was 804 tons in 2008. Out of this production, 770 tons had been marketed in the same year. After 2008 no such survey has been conducted therefore no up dated information is available on production and marketing, however, it said to be increased many folds since the mentioned date. Informal discussion of DPAP with farmers and last year support in procurement of Capsicum Seed for the farmers suggests that this sector has numerous problems at each step of value chain.  It is therefore, services of consultant is required to conduct a comprehensive value chain analysis prior to start of interventions. The assignment assessment of 1)  Market based services  2)  Enterprises/Lead Enterprises in the value chain 3)  Skills and Technology gaps 4) Access to national market 5) Entry points for youth

Deliverable s of  the Assignment are:

  • Conduct a detailed value chain analysis of capsicum
  • Produce a value chain development plan for interventions with major focus on engaging youth
  • Provide on-going technical support to DYDP team assisting them to implement the value chain development plan


One month during September and October 2013

Eligibility of the Consultant:

  • Master of Business Administration or Economics with at least 3 years hands on experience of value chain development in well reputed National or International development organization.
  • Must be trained in value chain development from National/Foreign training institute.
  • Must have understanding of Socio-Cultural dynamics of Diamer district and should be willing to travel to field to conduct interviews with capsicum growers.
  • Must speak URDU, Knowledge of local language (Sheena) will be an asset
  • Must be able to travel in Diamer during field visits

Deadline for Submission of Expression of Interest

Individuals and firms are requested to send their Technical and Financial Proposals along with copy of Education, Trainings and Experience certificates before September 27, 2013  to

Only shortlisted Individuals/Firms will be contacted.