Relief & Recoveries

Food Assistance to Flood Affected People

EMOP 200177


The July 2010 catastrophic floods not only damaged roads, bridges, public infrastructure but also damaged houses, agriculture land, livestock and other privately owned different assets. The disconnection of Karakoram High Way has worsened the situation as food supply line was damaged. Keeping in view the non-availability of food items DPAP with support of UNWFP distributed food items among the flood affected families of Diamer district to meet the nutrition requirements for period of 04 months. Following table shows the figures of the emergency relief operation in Diamer by DPAP in collaboration with UNWFP.


Emergency Relief Progress

October 2010 – Jan 2011




Beneficiary Families

Beneficiary Population

Total Food Distributed in (MTN)

1 October 2010 2,105 20,166 179.162
2 November 2010 3,665 31,780 362.808
3 December 2010 3,018 26,167 296.181
4 January 2011 4,414 38,269 143.877

G. Total

13,202 116,382 982.028


WFP Early Recoveries Emergency Operation Food for Work (FFW)

(EMOP) 200177


The DPAP entered into relief operation with United Nations World Food Program (UNWFP) for Food for Work (FFW) project to ensure food security by restoring existing irrigation system and other village infrastructures.

Under FFW 1656 activities have been completed and 1389 MTN food have been distributed among 18000 families of district Diamer. The main focus of the FFW project was to restore the water harvesting infrastructure, Protective works, link roads, foot bridges, pony treks and etc.


Summary of the Activities carried out under Project “FFW”

Activities I II III IV Total
Water Channel 107 36 36 98 277
Protective Bund 688 312 89 250 1339
Link Road 11 6 1 4 22
Bridges 8 4 2 4 18

Total Number of Schemes